Collectible Incense Characters

The Origin of the Origin



 Before there were Smokin Statues, there were "Rauchermaennle." The toymakers in the Black Forest in the 1700's started this tradition by hand-carving and hand-painting village characters out of wood and glue.  The incense cone compartment inside the body was added so the Germans could spread fresh smells.  Many cultures around the world prefer the smell of incense over their own human smells, which is an explanation for the increase in world-wide incense burning. We have re-invented the German tradition for artists who seek an intergalactic blank canvas.   


Blanks to collaborate

We are made of a hardened ceramic bisque. Our surface accepts many types of paints:

  1. acrylic paint, it's rad.
  2. oil based
  3. water based
  4. spray paints
  5. adhesives
  6. pencil
  7. ink
  8. other stuff


BYOC Bring Your Own Color

Our design is brought to life when an artist's color rolls down our sides. We become more than the sum of the head and body when colors are draped all over us.  When the thoughtful stroke of a sage artist comes in contact with our bisque, a character can be created... where from, or whereto, you decide what's most important?